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     My experience at Brent Cross Cleaners was top-notch. Communication was easy and efficient, and the team members I spoke to were all incredibly gracious.
April T. 18/12/2023
     Thoroughly impressed by the cleaning service that I got! Everyone was so considerate, amicable and worked incredibly hard - no criticisms here!
Yasmin D.27/11/2023
     Realized an extraordinary number of tasks in a minimal window - my home is looking and smelling beautiful!
     Cleaning those upholsteries has always been a daunting chore in terms of time restoration and cost efficiency - until now! Brent Cross Carpet Cleaning makes it possible to come back home with brightened-up carpets and fabrics without having to break the bank; it's almost too good of a deal to pass upon!
Alicia Smith06/04/2023
      Brent Cross Carpet Cleaning caters perfectly to my love of a good bargain. Their pricing scheme is superbly suitable for what you get in return. Unrivalled as a cleaning company without equal!
T. Galloway24/02/2023
     After the house cleaning job, everything looked cleaner and just better. BrentCrossCarpetCleaners worked their magic and the results were immediately evident.
D. Edwards19/05/2020
     This service was one of the best that I've used. They were hired to do a deep clean at my flat. They did an excellent job, the place looks amazing!
Kelly B.19/09/2019
      Brent Cross Carpet Cleaning did an amazing job. I definitely recommend this cleaning company.
F. Burrows08/02/2019
     The results from the upholstery cleaning service at BrentCrossCarpetCleaners were astonishing, I really didn't expect them to get my curtains and stuff that clean. I would highly recommend.
Lewis Greg22/01/2018
      Brent Cross Cleaners did a great carpet clean in my new rental house. The carpeted flooring had seen better days and before we moved our belongings in, we hired this company to revive them. The carpet cleaning did a perfect job and the flooring looked lovely and bright after the service. Just to say the cost was good too!
Patrick Greene13/01/2016
     I had been using a great cleaning service for a long time, but after they relocated their business I had a string of disappointments and wasted investments with other local services. Finally, I hired Brent Cross Carpet Cleaning, who re-introduced me to excellent cleaning standards! With other firms, you never know what to expect, but these guys have given me a highly organised and professional clean every time I've hired them. I've already recommended them to my mother, who's starting to need help with her own domestic cleaning. Keep up the good work everyone! See you soon!
Ryan F.21/12/2015
     If only I'd known about Brent Cross Cleaning Services sooner. I had spent many hours of my life toiling away to get my carpets cleaned and they can do it in half an hour. I have spent so much of my free time just to make my carpets presentable and the one time I hire them they do the job better than I ever had in less time. I can't believe I never knew how easy they could make it all. I have their number saved because I will be calling them the next time I need a carpet clean.
Ryan Stevens24/09/2015
     We were moving to our new home in the city and had to get the cleaning of the current one done. There are many end of tenancy cleaning experts in the industry but none comes close to the impeccable work that BrentCrossCarpetCleaning does. The house was resurrected back to its former glory within our budget. As a result of their hard work, our landlord happily returned the full deposit. Thank you for the fabulous work.
Anthony L.19/08/2015
     My Dad and I decided to clean his kitchen. It was a long time coming so we had our work cut out for us. A few hours in and we were getting nowhere. We both agreed that we should call Brent Cross Cleaning Services for help. Their cleaners arrived the next day and helped us tackle all the work. They worked fast and with all of their equipment, did a great job. I was impressed with the cleaners, especially as every single one of them did more work than my Dad and I combined. They offered a great service so I will definitely hire them again.
Liam C.27/05/2015
     Our offices are much brighter and fresher since we started using BrentCrossCarpetCleaners. This cleaning company knows its trade and the work they have done for our business premises is excellent. It is surprising just how thorough these cleaners are and how much they know about cleaning practices. I have worked with other cleaning companies in the past but never had such a knowledgeable set of cleaning professionals and our business premises are always cleaned to a very high standard. The cleaners come late in the day which suits us as we don't like to get in each other's way.
     One of the things our doctor recommended for my sons allergies was to get some professional cleaning, on top of what we already do. BrentCrossCarpetCleaners was pretty much a random choice, but let me tell you, right from the get go, after I explained why we need the cleaning, how often etc, they actually knew more than myself! And after reading so much about allergy prevention and cleaning I was surprised by that! So I handed over the job to this cleaning company and I'm certain it's helped. They were informed, knew what type of products to use in regards to the requirements, and do an excellent job. Go for this business if you want people who know what they're doing!
Kim R.23/10/2014
     I rarely get my carpets cleaned, and it was therefore a big difference that BrentCrossCarpetCleaners made when they got mine sorted the other day. I opted for the slightly more expensive dry cleaning option, but it was well worth it, as my carpets look amazing now! I'm seriously impressed at how well the carpet cleaners sorted the job, and given the results the whole thing was very good value indeed! A top company with very polite staff and a great service all round, excellent work!
Linda Carter07/01/2014